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Cerakote Terms & Conditions

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All cerakote and laser engraving projects are to be paid in full at time of purchase. Complete pricing can be found on each product page. After completing your purchase, you will be contacted a week before your project is estimated to be started on, to either ship or drop off your project. Please include all required forms and paperwork with the items you would like cerakoted/laser engraved. 


  • Print and fill out the Cerakote Work Order Form PDF and review the Cerakote Terms and conditions that will be emailed to you. Please include a detailed list of any parts that you are sending. All pricing includes disassembly and reassembly. There is no need to disassemble your firearm. If not listed we will not be held responsible for it. 
  • Please be very specific when choosing your color or pattern that you would like us to paint you firearm. The more detailed the better. Visit Cerakotes website for there compete lineup of colors, patterns, and themes. If you would like for us to use the colors we have chosen for our camo patterns, we will do so. Other then that, you MUST select the colors you want us to use.
  • If you are shipping from your home, please include a copy of a valid drivers license
  • If you are shipping from am FFL, please make sure they include a copy of their FFL
  • If shipping, pack up your project with the required paperwork and ship via USPS for handguns and UPS or Fedex for long guns to us. Make sure you wrap up your items so that they are protected. We are not responsible for any damage or issues revolving how your firearms are shipped
  • Bring your firearm and required paperwork to the appointment
  • Once your project has been completed we will contact you to schedule pickup or for shipping