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Gas Block Pinning Service

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Gas Block Pinning Service

While not mandatory for a properly installed gas block, pinning provides an additional level of security against any potential movement post-installation.

Our default offering includes a heavy-duty stainless steel coil pin.

Prior to gas block pinning, we require the following components from you unless instructed otherwise:

  • Barrel
  • Gas Block
  • Barrel Nut

If your barrel nut is specific to your rail, it's essential to include it as the gas block installation occurs after it's in place. For installations involving a set screw type gas block, we'll also dimple the barrel as part of the service.

Should we encounter any fitting issues, such as the block being excessively loose on the barrel, we'll communicate with you beforehand to propose solutions. This proactive approach ensures we avoid pinning a block that may result in gas leakage or cycling problems. As with all our barrel modification services, a thorough inspection of your barrel precedes any permanent alterations.