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The heart of any AR15 will always be the Bolt Carrier Group. That is why it is important to use a quality BCG in your AR15 builds. The BCG is a critical component of the AR15 rifle. It consists of several parts that are responsible for the cycling and functioning of the firearm. This makes the BCG integral to the reliable and smooth functioning of your rifle.
The OSA Duty BCG is a high quality AR15 BCG that is completely assembled in house using only the highest quality parts that are thoroughly inspected and tested. What you get is a BCG that checks off all the boxes that impact factors such as durability, reliability, and the ease of maintenance
We start with a Chrome 8620 HT Carrier that is thoroughly inspected for any inperfections before assembly begins. Every OSA Duty Bolt is inspected for any burs and the edge of the extractor is polished to allow for a better interface with a casing. We then install a Sprinco Ejector Spring and a Steel Spiroil Coil Pin. Each Bolt is then fitted with Sprinco Gas Springs, a Sprinco 5-Coil Ejector Spring, and a Forward Controls Design SCP NP3 Cam Pin. The Chrome 8640 Firing Pin is also inspected for the correct protrusion. We then secure a 4130 Chrome/Phosphate coated Gas Key using M-Guns OCKS Screws which are torqued to specs and properly staked using the MOACKS II Carrier Key Staker
Each OSA Duty BCG is made to order and test fired and function checked before you receive them and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Please allow 1 week for all orders.
OSA Duty BCG Specs & Finishes
  • Carrier: 8620 HT - Chrome
  • Bolt: C158 - Chrome
  • Gas Rings: Sprinco
  • Ejector Spring: Sprinco
  • Ejector Pin: Spirol 420 Chrome Stainless Steel
  • Extractor Spring: Sprinco 5-Coil
  • Cam Pin: 4340 NP3 Forward Controls Design
  • Firing Pin: 8640 - Chrime
  • Gas Key: 4130 Chrime Phosphate Coated
  • Gas Key Bolts: M-Guns OCKS