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AR15 Assembly & Function Service

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AR15 Assembly & Function Service

Our AR-15 assembly service is crafted to deliver the precision and craftsmanship akin to factory-built rifles, while still offering the flexibility to tailor it to your specific requirements. While factory rifles are meticulously designed and tested as cohesive systems, many users seek customization to better suit their needs. However, with the myriad of manufacturers producing parts for the AR-15 platform, each with differing tolerances and quality control standards, assembling a rifle is evolving beyond simple "Lego-like" construction and requires careful fitting for optimal performance.

Our assembly service is ideal for individuals who rely on their firearm for work or home defense, prioritizing reliability above all else. We ensure thorough assembly and conduct test firing to confirm flawless functionality. Any potential areas for improvement or identification of incompatible parts are communicated to you for consideration.

In the event of significant issues necessitating extra parts or modifications, we'll consult with you to propose solutions. You retain full control over the decision-making process without any pressure from our end. Our recommendations are solely based on a proven track record of quality, gleaned from extensive repairs rather than relying on brand reputation.

Before initiating a build, we encourage reaching out to sales@oceanstatearmory.com for assistance in selecting components, particularly concerning the gas system, BCG, barrel, or buffer system. Our expertise can potentially save you both money and the hassle of returning incompatible or subpar parts.

The assembly process is time-intensive, typically taking several hours, and includes the cost of test ammunition. While our current lead time is approximately 4 weeks, it may vary depending on demand.

Included in our AR-15 Assembly service:

  • Comprehensive report detailing the status of each component, including pass/fail evaluations and any necessary remedial actions.
  • Recommendations for enhancements or alterations tailored to your rifle's intended use.
  • Most essential repairs performed during inspection, such as barrel dimpling or minor thread repairs, are covered in the fee.
  • Upper receiver lapping to ensure perfect alignment with the barrel extension, contributing to enhanced accuracy.
  • After assembly, required areas are fully lubed & greased

Key areas we assess include overall function, buffer system alignment, bore straightness, BCG efficiency, receiver fitment, gas block alignment, and chamber conditions.

Please note that our service is currently limited to direct impingement .223/5.56 rifles. Turnaround time may vary based on build complexity and any modifications chosen to be incorporated.